Corporate data can provide valuable insight into customer and partner relations, key performance indicators, profitability, expense trends, employee performance and more... but only if you can access the data and turn it into usable business information. With recent technology advances and the widespread use of common software tools and interfaces, most companies can now build their own Business Intelligence (BI) applications for minimal cost. ThinkMine BI solutions help you quickly and easily launch such a platform and answer the questions that drive business, like:
● How can we increase revenue?
● Who are our most profitable customers, and how can we serve them better?
● Where are we spending money and seeing the best returns?
● How did we perform as compared to same time last year/quarter/month?
● How did we perform compared to forecast/plan?

ThinkMine creates a single, integrated BI platform for accessing ERM, CRM, ERP, POS, inventory management, HR, payroll data and more. Our BI platform quickly delivers timely, relevant information so users can make better decisions, all with little or no support from IT staff. As a result, your business becomes more agile, productive and profitable:
● Streamline operations
● Lower costs
● Improve profit margins
● Define high-value customers for targeted marketing campaigns
● Reduce customer acquisition costs
● Improve campaign response rates
● Tightly manage the entire customer pipeline
● Pinpoint the features/products that your customers desire
● Identify support issues
● Anticipate customer needs
● Shorten product development cycles
● Develop personalized contact with customers
● Leverage one-to-one marketing
ThinkMine's Expertise Enables Companies to Leverage BI Benefits
A common Microsoft Platform and our expertise enable companies of all sizes to leverage Business Intelligence (BI) benefits.
Until recently, the development of a BI platform was an expensive, long-term, invasive process. BI was typically limited to big corporations that could afford the software, hardware, staff, and time required.
Fortunately, the latest Microsoft SQL Server release has lowered the BI cost barrier and is making BI affordable for businesses of all sizes.  SQL Server 2008's Unified Data Model allows for a non-intrusive, near real-time, extensible data platform that can easily be used by reports, scorecards, Excel pivot tables and other BI tools. It has also raised the bar with enhanced Geo Spatial data types, better reporting performance, and a host of new charts, gauges, and graphs.
Now ThinkMine can easily design BI solutions that take advantage of integrated Microsoft desktop applications, web-based server solutions and enhanced maintenance wizards. With our development and design expertise, our customers quickly realize BI gains because common Microsoft interfaces and skill sets are already in use.